Ritmi ed epoche

Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a Stairway to heaven that is Not what you see.
If you Look around you’ll see Something about you, Something beautiful.
It may sound strange, since then you’ll hear the Sound of silence but there’s nothing to fear. Except probably the Fear of the dark, or the fear of someone.
But Don’t fear the ripper, it’s not like he’ll kill you. He’s In quest for a rare thing : some Tears of the Dragon.
It’s not easy to find them, and when you’ll be there, there won’t be an Easy way out.
So take a good look on you, and Don’t look any further, the answer is there, between the love you give, and the love you get, My funny Valentine, there’s no other thing like love.
You Can’t help falling in love with someone, it’s just as easy as it’s difficult to mantain, and you may also say, one day : “I can’t stop loving you“.
So Don’t stop believing in This life, It ain’t over yet.

The show must go on, but I should end it here, or perhaps I’ll continue it another day.
Somewhere in time.

So what can I tell you
If life’s the length of this play
Perhaps God gave the answers
To those with nothing to say
The years are forgiven
If God’s forgiving and kind
Perhaps we’ll all find the answers
Somewhere in time

[Savatage – Somewhere iun time]

Andrea (sdl)

(ed ora vediamo quante ne beccate 🙂 e scusatemi degli orrori di inglese)

Di Andrea Grassi

Scrittore, programmatore di siti web. Appassionato da sempre di ogni forma di scrittura (copywriting, marketing, romanzi). Vivo a Montevarchi e non me ne pento.


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